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Welcome to the LUA blog! LUA is a acronym for “Libraries for Universal Accessibility.” The LUA blog is a community place dedicated to the discussion of library accessibility. We invite you to read our posts, contribute to the discussion and join our community.

Joining Our Community

We invite you to join our community! LUA is composed of librarians, library staff, vendors, information professionals, library and accessibility advocates and other interested people. You are free to subscribe to our blog by selecting the RSS link at in the footer of this page and using it in your current rss reader. You are also welcome to join our community as an author (write articles, events, learning series and post comments) or a contributor (post comments). Simply email us at to join. Please take a look at the terms of use.

History of LUA

The seed of LUA began in 2010 at an ALA (American Library Association) Conference in Washington D.C.  A group of librarians and disability advocates met at the D.C. Public Library for the Library Accessibility Interest Group meeting. During that meeting we discussed a way of sharing accessibility information and concerns with the wider library community. At that time a small library accessibility wiki sponsored by ASCLA and written by  was the primary means for sharing such information. Over the next two years the Library Accessibility Interest Group, which was composed of members from ALA, ACRL, ASCLA, and LITA, as well as other accessibility vendors and advocates, met online and at conferences to determine the best way to serve the community through information and possibly resource reviews.

An experimental site was initially built with a goal of providing in depth resource testing and reviews. This format and goal was perhaps to ambitious for the group as it proved difficult to find willing and qualified participants to do full resource reviews. In reassessing our goals for information communication, the original site team noted that the most meaningful communication on the site seemed to be unstructured conversations about experiences with resources, small discussions, articles, simple sharing and event announcements.

The decision was made in late 2013 to move the site into a simple blogging platform and to seek support and official sponsorship from ALA and ACRL in order to grow the community and open up the administrative responsibilities for the site to more interested participants. In the spring of 2014 the new platform came online followed by a hearty outreach plan. Please join us and be a part of LUA’s future!