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What questions about captioning have come up for you?

I thought it would be helpful to share experiences regarding captioning in libraries.  Have you had requests about captioning for videos or tutorials produced in the Library?  Does your Library or University or institution have a policy about captioning?

Have you had requests for captioning DVDs, VHS or streaming video?  I’m especially interested to hear how people’s libraries interpret copyright when it comes to captioning.

Does your library have policies as far as requiring either online or other videos to be captioned if you purchase them?

I’d be really interested to hear any advice about locating captioned versions of videos to buy or about communicating with the producer or vendor if they don’t have a captioned version available for sale yet.

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  1. Melissa Melissa Cardenas-Dow
    April 9, 2014 at 9:23 pm

    Captioning anecdotes

    The one incident that stuck out for me was a student asking if we had captioning software available. She needed to view a DVD for a class that had no captioning.

    Our biggest problem at hand is demonstrating need. We need to be able to “prove” that we have a need that must be addressed because a big part of the argument ultimately involves costs. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

    At the moment, our focus is on documentation and description in order to provide prioritized recommendations. Captioning for videos, online and stand-alone DVDs, is on that list of recommendations, along with possible solutions.

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